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3/23/14: Dennis Elder, former Leader Designer at Simple Union Interactive, joins Scale Change as Chief Technology Officer

1/13/14: Shanita Baksh, MPA, former implementation specialist at City University of New York, joins Scale Change as Chief Operations Officers.

12/21/13: Ben Miller, MS, former Chief Operating Officer of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, founds Scale Change.

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S c a l e C h a n g e , I n c . 

M  o  r  e    M  o  n  e  y ,  M  o  r  e   S  o  l  u  t  i  o n s ™ 

ScaleChange™ provides two interactive, social web applications that connect today’s conscientious consumers with companies (Stakehouse™) and to their chosen causes (CrowdWill™).

Stakehouse™ An online database of company profile pages, where:
c Companies present their CSR practices and policies to customers. Each may claim/purchase its page.
a Users supply information and rate companies by “pinning” authoritative articles from other sources.
Users influence each other’s consumer behavior by interacting on company, community and topic pages.
e Users earn recognition through their user activity. Companies earn recognition by improving their CSR.

Crowdwill™ A crowd-funding platform where: 
h Users choose charitable initiatives to fund, out of pocket, or through special rebates from Stakehouse partners.
a Users donate to charitable campaigns, in which needs and impact are uniquely transparent.
n Instead of donating, users can also vote on company-backed sponsorships. 
g In its beta stage, Crowdwill will allow users to share info and rate non-profits symmetrically to Stakehouse.



S t a k e h o u s e™ (H o u s e o f S t a k e. c o m)

W h a t’s Y o u r B e e f?™

Stakehouse closes the gap between consumers who shop ethically (<33%) want to shop ethically but can’t (>90%), because of the lack of information and "greenwashing" misinformation. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is top of mind for consumers today and has never been more urgent. Corporate reputation, liability, and profit are at stake: 9 in 10 global citizens would boycott a brand if they learned of social irresponsibility (2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study). Individuals gather online on social media, community forums, recommendation and consumer guidance sites to engage with one another regarding concern of corporate negligence or abuses impacting their communities and the world. Even so, the most dedicated consumer may still find it difficult to access and assess the social impact of a given company.

Stakehouse is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) social media platform that will provide for-profit companies that seek to promote socially responsible policies and initiatives with the opportunity to be continuously “rated” by Stakehouse users.

We’re in business to help consumers shop by their values, facilitated with access to shared CSR data sources and collective consumer sentiment. We empower consumers to read, post or write articles and rate companies on their social impact using a four-point rating system; Environmental Responsibility, Community Support, Employee Practices, Social Impact and we provide corporations the ability to respond to consumer concerns and proactively reach out to consumers with news and information about their socially responsible policies and initiatives.

Stakehouse is the Better Business Bureau of the digital age, allowing citizens to recognize and take responsibility for their profound social influence as shoppers. Stakehouse will collect information about Corporate Social Responsibility around the world through user-generated data, like Wikipedia. Empowered with company- and location-specific news about social responsibility, conscientious consumers will thereafter be able to support companies whose practices reflect their values and divest from companies that don't. 

Stakehouse is a web platform for consumers who care about corporate social responsibility and is the place for companies to explain and advertise their CSR initiatives and policies. Stakehouse users are individuals who are already trying to shop conscientiously and are looking for tools to ease the process; and likewise, for companies that are already seeking opportunities to promote their CSR policies and community initiatives. Businesses are financially incentivized to give consideration not only for a return for shareholders, but now they must take all stakeholders, including the people they do business with, their environmental footprint and the well-being of the communities of their operations, into account.

When companies receive positive ratings from Stakehouse users, they will be given the opportunity to list their products and services for purchase on the Stakehouse platform, allowing them to better develop their business. In order to utilize this privilege, highly-rated companies must agree to channel 10-50% of all purchases initiated through Stakehouse, back to users, in the form of donation credit. Users may apply these credits towards donations to exempt organizations on Stakehouse’s sister-site, ¢rowdWill .

C r o w d w i l l™ ( C r o w d w i l l . c o m )

M y C h o i c e, M y V o i c e, M y C a u s e™

¢rowdWill is a crowd-funding website for non-profits to solicit micro-level donations from companies and users. At no cost, organizations can create an interactive profile page to share their mission, successes and current initiatives to potential donors who come to the site with giving in mind. Donors will be able to support these organizations by channeling corporate-sponsored donations to them. Organizations can apply for micro-funding by submitting a proposal describing their specific needs with a fundraising goal.

¢rowdWill will build a network of business allies who will commit to donate to the causes of users’ choice, ensuring that literally everyone, low-income individuals included, will be able to participate in CrowdWill’s community of donors. Sponsorship campaigns will be done as a lump sum (where the donor pledges a large donation to be distributed among their favorite causes, with each campaign lasting for 30 days, when the proposal that receives the most buzz wins the funding) or by matching (where the donor matches all donations made during a given period, i.e. a minute, hour, day, weed). These pledges of support will be tracked on sites like Facebook and Twitter to amplify each pledge’s influence. Even if donors are unable to give to every proposal they would like to, they may still play a role in an organization’s success by buzzing about it. The more “Tweets” and “Likes” a proposal receives, the likelier it is to receive funding from other users. Proposal with the most buzz each month will be awarded funding from the corporate sponsor of the month.

Products & Services: Stakehouse


  • Ads: Geo-located, rich-display, banner advertising
  • Company pages: Multimedia branding and messaging on company page (sliding scale)

Company Dashboard:

  • Inbox/outbox
  • Email/mobile alerts
  • Data analytics: Consumer sentiment in live time
  • Deals/Promotions
  • In-house creative services available to select customers

Big Data: Consumer sentiment data in aggregate 

Products & Services: CrowdWill

Crowdunding service: 5% of successful campaigns’ total revenue will be channeled back to CrowdWill to cover costs.

Crowdfunding campaign production: 10% of successful campaign’s total revenue in exchange for video production, creative branding, social media setup and SEO.

Crowdfunding services a la carte: Digital marketing hourly charge for freelance-type needs like social media, contact management and graphic design

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