Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016
Fall 2015 November 18th & 19th

(All Eastern Times)

Online Trading Day (OTD) is a virtual event where students utilize the MarketMaker platform to present their business ideas to other students and instructors around the world. You may choose to participate or observe one of the following sessions.

Fall 2015 Online Trading Day Recap

On November 18th and 19th, the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise at Baruch College hosted its Fall 2015 Online Trading Day. Students from around the world delivered a sales presentation featuring their company with their product or service. It provided students with the opportunity to practice entrepreneurship, develop leadership skills, and receive instant feedback on their concept. The event took place over the course of two days with five sessions available for presentations. Each session was filled to capacity with a total of 34 presentations that featured virtual student businesses from New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Arizona, Louisiana and Austria. The event agenda and online stores can be viewed below.

After the presentations students engaged in e-commerce and virtually purchased products and services from other Online Trading Day participants from their respective stores on IVE's virtual economy at

The top three teams with the highest amount of sales received a Lumsing Portable Charger and an Eship@ Baruch College retractable stylus tip pen with a highlighter for each member.

The top three teams with the highest amount of sales

Company NameAmount SoldSchool/ College Name
Laundry Time$32,180Rhodes State College
Corpore Sano$30,530ISG

Online Trading Day's Transactions:

Number of VE's participated: 37
Total Transactions: 781
Total Transaction Amount: $306,892

Great effort everyone. Stay tuned for more information about Online Trading Day Spring 2016.